About Us

  "Irashaimase!" - A hearty warm "Tomo" style welcome to our guests today.

Tomodachi is situated in the heart of the Bay Area, near Southland Mall
in Hayward.  We are one of the largest and trendiest sushi bar and grill of its kind, from fresh Oyster Bar to Yakitori Bar, Japanese Sake to California Wine, and Private Tatami rooms to Main Dining.

Familiar faces serve you with extraordinary food and wine.  Inspired by the latest trend of Tokyo cuisine while preserving the authenticity of Japanese home cooking, Tomodachi represents the balance of food philosophy in Japanese cuisine.  Seasonal sushi varieties are known for healthier choices that are low-calorie and low fat.  Our kitchen special creations are rich in flavor.  Ultimately, a well-balance dish is when natural flavors of farm fresh ingredients coexist pleasantly.

Take off your shoes and relax in the most comfortable dining environment, start with delicious food and fine wine; carry a cozy conversation in our private Tatami seating or at our lively open dining area of your choice.

To kick off your food adventure, call us at 510.940.3800 today for reservation.

"Arigato Gozaimasu!" - Our most sincere thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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